The New And Improved 2013 Subaru Outback

April 11, 2012

The 2013 Subaru Outback has been unveiled with new features that will make it attractive to anyone looking for a new vehicle. The 2013 2.5i model has the classic Subaru all-wheel drive technology and Boxer® engine. According to Subaru this model now offers better fuel efficiency of up to thirty miles per gallon on the highway (26MPG combined) while carrying a more powerful engine.

The 2013 Outback has a sleek design similar to the 2010 to 2012 models. The Outback has matured from the station wagon-like models of 1996 to 2008. It now looks more like the typical mid-sized sports utility vehicle but with a new innovative style that sets it apart from the other vehicles. The new Outback has redesigned seating, more storage and a keyless entry and ignition. The 2013 Outback also has the capacity and capability to use Bluetooth, iPod and USB devices. This 2.5i Outback is being produced as a basic model with upgrades available in the Premium and higher end Limited editions.

While the 2013 model looks like its earlier predecessors, it has a new re-energized BOXER® engine that pushes more power and efficiency while giving the passengers a smoother and quieter ride. With the classic all-wheel drive technology, this new model maintains the classic road handling that Subaru vehicles are known for.

This Outback also carries the Lineartronic® CVT, which according to Subaru, stands for “Continuously Variable Transmission” which allows the vehicle to seamlessly shift gears while maintaining fuel efficiency. The fuel efficiency is just one aspect of Subaru’s commitment to the environment. Subaru is committed to producing clean vehicles such as the Outback and also to recycling and reducing waste when producing these automobiles.

A new added feature of the 2013 Outback is its EyeSight™ system. This technological advance gives the driver added safety measures that can reduce accidents. The system carries a stereo-powered camera that enables drivers to maintain safer driving as it detects potential hazards. Pre-collision braking, cruise control and pedestrian detection are features of the Outback’s EyeSight™ system. There is also a feature for detecting when the vehicle is moving out of its lane or starting to sway.

Subaru has given the 2013 Outback an updated look as well as a re-designed and more efficient engine. The new look steps away from the classic Subaru station wagon look which drivers loved but it is still an attractive vehicle that has more storage. The fuel efficiency is always an attractive feature of Subaru vehicles and added boosts like the EyeSight™ system and the Lineartronic® CVT make this vehicle even more coveted. The new Outback gives that added safety but with the usual toughness with the all-wheel drive system.

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