A Review Of The Honda CR-V Crossover SUV

The Honda CR-V has been a successful series since its original debut in 1996. The 2007 model became the best-selling SUV in the US and sold millions of units throughout the world.

The new model has undergone an aesthetic and stability upgrade, but many of the features remain the same.

Honda CR-V Overview

Utility Space

A large cargo area is necessary for any SUV. The CRV is no exception, featuring a spacious cargo hold that allows you to fold the second row seats for extra space. The seat folding mechanism is rather awkward, which may create a problem if you are in a hurry. Competing models like the Subaru Forester, Nissan Rouge, and RAV4 have back seats that fold down in a single motion.

Honda CRV Interior

The interior of the CR-V will give you nothing to complain about. It has a comfortable and straightforward design that is expected for any budget SUV. All the controls are placed exactly where they should be and the gauges are easy to read. Interior design is not the strongest point on this vehicle, but it certainly does win for functionality.

The driver’s seat is extremely spacious and will keep you comfortable for long trips. The default interior will have cloth seats, but leather is a much better choice if you can afford the EX-L upgrade. Regardless of how long your trip is, you will never feel tired of sitting in this car.

Upgrades and Safety

Honda CRVAccording to Consumer Reports, the CRV has a safety rating that is far above average. It has scored well on all crash tests and ranked especially well for highway safety. The 2010 model went through a complete restyling with the hood, grille, and bumpers. Although these changes are not extreme, they certainly are noticeable.

Under the Hood

This vehicle is available in a Real Time 4WD or front-wheel drive. The 4WD transfers extra torque to the wheels when drivers need more traction. This model now has 21/28 mpg on highway and city driving. It features a 2.4 liter 180hp engine with 161 pounds of foot torque. This car is also easy to drive for beginners, thanks to a 5-speed auto transmission.


A new split grille has been added, along with a revamped hood, front bumper, and a brand new rear bumper shade. Despite the changes, this vehicle still definitely looks like a CRV. The exterior styling looks fairly compact, but it boasts an expansive interior.


Some critics have argued that the CR-V made by does not include the large cargo room area that can be found on the Ford Explorer or RAV4. The four cylinder engine is also rather small for drivers who want an engine that packs a punch. However, the CRV is the perfect vehicle for a world with rising fuel prices and depleting natural resources. Its exceptional fuel economy has attracted the majority of its buyers, along with the simple, yet attractive styling. If you have extra money available, consider getting the EX-L upgrade that includes a leather interior and a navigation system.

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