Best Midsize SUV

The Best Midsize SUV

Finding the right sport utility vehicle is often difficult. With ever-rising gas prices, finding a vehicle that is both safe and fuel efficient can cause quite a headache.

Fortunately, there are a number of great midsize SUVs on the market that can allow drivers a chance to stow their belongings safely while still enjoying a drive in the best midsize SUV for their purposes.

The Best Mid Price Brands

Surprisingly, some of the best midsize SUV brands on the market are also some of the most affordable. A number of the best ranked are familiar names, but there are a few major surprises on the “best of” list. A number of different companies have rated vehicles on their safety, handling, performance, and looks, leading to a rather robust field of midsize SUV options.

Best Midsize SUV - Mazda CX-9

Perhaps the best vehicle is the Mazda CX-9, a vehicle that ranks highly with both U.S. News and Edmunds. Combing a fair amount of seating and storage capacity with the handling of a smaller vehicle, it is a great choice for those that want to have plenty of room while still enjoying their drive.

Best Midsize SUV - Honda CR-V

The Honda CR-V takes the prize for the best low-price SUV, generally retailing under twenty five thousand dollars. It combines solid handling with adequate storage space, making it a great choice for those on a budget.

Best Midsize SUV - Chevrolet Traverse

Rounding out the top three is the Chevrolet Traverse, a great vehicle with a unique look and solid craftsmanship. It loses points on seating room and overall performance, but it tops the rankings in safety.

Best Midsize SUV – The Best of the Luxury Brands

Of course, many SUV shoppers tend to be willing to pay a bit extra for amenities. From increased safety features to better interiors, there are a number of models on the market that exemplify the luxury midsize SUV.

All of the usual manufacturers tend to dominate this market, and the top brands should come as no surprise for anyone that has spent time shopping for a vehicle. The prices in the luxury market tend to range quite wildly, so a bit of careful shopping, may be necessary to find the best deal for your budget.

Best Midsize SUV - Lexus RX 350

The Lexus RX 350 tends to dominate the luxury midsize market, and for good reason: it combines the usual Lexus standard of luxury with incredible safety and reliability. It tops the list for a number of organizations, but the real deal comes in the price; at around thirty seven thousand dollars, it falls on the lower end of the luxury price range.

Best Midsize SUV - VW Touareg

For those willing to spend a bit more, the Volkswagen Touareg is also a good choice. Combining Volkswagen’s unusually stable design with a rather comfortable amount of seating, the vehicle is great for anyone that is willing to spend over fifty thousand dollars on an SUV.

There are a number of great midsize sport utility vehicles on the market, and the market seems to be poised to deliver more high-efficiency SUVs every year. A bit of research can help any consumer to find the best midsize SUV on the market, but the five listed above top almost every “must buy” list available.

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