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The Quest For The Best Compact SUV

The search for the best compact SUV may not rival that of the search for the Holy Grail, but with the choices and improvements made by the auto industry each year it could prove to be nearly as difficult. Car experts differ on which model stands out as the best, but the cream always rises to the top, and a look at the field reveals the usual suspects.

Compact SUVs first burst onto the motor scene in 1983 when Chevy rolled out the S-10 Blazer. Later, in midsummer, Ford introduced the Ford Bronco II. Later, the Jeep Cherokee was the first model to offer a four-door version. From then on, it was Game On. The evolution of this variety of vehicle has been stunning, to say the least. These days the automakers have made it difficult for consumers to choose between luxury sedans and the crossover SUV’s.

The Best Compact SUV – Top Nine

best compact SUV - Chevy Equinox

The 2011 Chevy Equinox is a dynamo that while considered a compact, is nearly the size of many of the standard SUVs. Despite its size, it still offers the fuel economy of a car. GMC has ramped things up with the GMC Terrain, a power-packed compact SUV loaded with high-tech standards.

best compact SUV - VW Tiguan

One compact SUV that has not gotten nearly the run it deserves is the VW Tiguan. Tiguan, which is a German hybrid of tiger, and iguana, starts at around 24,000 dollars and comes with added blue-tooth technology. The Tiguan, as smooth and drivable as it is, has admittedly traded some of its practicality for a stunning cabin interior and dazzling German design everywhere else.

best compact SUV - Acura RDX

Some of the other top-rated compacts are listed by Latest Cars News, and include the 240 horse-powered, turbo-charged Acura RDX that includes dual-zone automatic climate control, and starts in the 32,000-dollar range.

best compact SUV - Audi Q5

The Audi Q-5 gets high marks with its 8-speed automatic transmission turbo. The Q-5 also gives the buyer an option on a Bang and Olufsen stereo.

best compact SUV - BMW X3

BMW makes their list as well, with their X-3 that features standard all-wheel drive, and an 8.8-inch navigation screen. It, too, rocks a beginning price range in the mid-thirties.

best compact SUV - Dodge Nitro

If looking down the scale in price, but up-scale in quality, the Dodge Nitro was given high consideration, as well. For 2011, Dodge has made major interior upgrades to the Nitro, including side curtain air bags. They have included a standard stability system as well. The price tag for the Nitro begins at around 22,000 dollars.

best compact SUV - Ford Escape

In a bid to win the hearts of those who grow faint hearted at the thought of a parking lot, the Ford Escape offers a self-parking option. It also has a hybrid version available. The Ford Escape begins around the same as the Nitro in price.

best compact SUV - Jeep Patriot

Everybody who loves a great price can be assured an affordable compact is on the list. At 15,000 dollars, the Jeep Patriot has made style changes both in and out. It has a trail-rated off-road version available and is equipped with either standard or automatic transmission.

best compact SUV - Toyota RAV4

The number one rated, best compact SUV, however, according to Consumer Reports, is the 2011 Toyota RAV-4. The price range is medium, the performance is flashy—”it accelerates about the same as a Caddy, yet the fuel economy is that of a sedan.” One would think that with all the research and work done by the experts to find the best compact SUV, the search would be over, yet it feels like it is just begun.

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