7 Passenger Cars – SUVs And Minivans Are Still The Most Popular Ones

7 Passenger Vehicles Provide A Smoother Ride

Anyone with a large family or group of friends knows how difficult it can be to get from Point A to Point B at any given time, especially if you don’t own one of the many 7 passenger vehicles.

With the complexities of work, school, activities, and weekends, some people need the biggest and best automobiles in order to cope with the demands of various schedules.

Seven passenger vehicles are designed with larger capacity in mind, helping to carry larger loads in comfort and serenity. These autos span the gamut from a family minivan to a high-powered sport utility vehicle, but all offer a larger capacity than a simple sedan or sports car, making them ideal for longer trips or larger workloads.

The best 7 Passenger Vehicles

7 Passenger SUV Models

The 7 passenger SUVs blend together raw carrying power with a spacious interior. While you often see commercials with SUV models gunning across a mountain or through a raging river, they are designed for their horsepower rather than their ability to conquer nature. This makes them ideal for multiple passengers as well as larger amounts of cargo or luggage.

Some of the most popular 7 seater SUVs are from American made companies, as no other automaker can compete with the “Big 3” of General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler for mass production. The undisputed juggernaut of the road is the Chevy Suburban, a titan of the road that can easily carry up to nine persons as well as several thousand pounds of cargo. The Suburban scores well for sheer power, but has atrocious gas mileage (as little as ten miles per gallon fully loaded) and costs approximately sixty thousand dollars.

7 Passenger Minivans

On the smaller scale, minivans are an excellent choice for of families. Minivans are meant for economy, space, and child-friendly interiors. The first companies to introduce minivans were Honda and Toyota, and while Japanese models are not always the best choice for some, they have a variety to offer.

The Toyota Sienna usually ranks as the most popular minivan in the United States for its durability, interior space, and slick exterior. At around twenty five thousand dollars and usually hitting about twenty-nine miles per gallon, furthermore, it may be the most wallet friendly choice of all 7 passenger cars. While many minivans advertise bells and whistles, like DVD players or individual air conditioning, the best choice should be one of practicality or affordability.

Not all 7 passenger vehicles are strictly power or family models. The car-based crossover models of larger passenger vehicles have gained immense popularity in recent years as customers seek trendier rides without sacrificing utility. The BMW X-5, for instance, offers a sleek and comfortable ride for a large number of travelers.

Like many German models, the X-5 has a significantly higher price tag: over fifty thousand dollars to start. If budget is less a concern than practicality and aesthetics, this may be the ride for your family or friends. Customers have rated this model quite highly and have had fewer problems with extended ownership in comparison to many other crossover 7 passenger cars, making it a purchase with staying power.

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